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What will you celebrate most from a "Journey of a Lifetime" to receive your Volvo?

Don't leave your hotel room in Goteborg without it!

The Goteborg City Card is a great resource to have when experiencing the hometown of Volvo.  It provides free public transport on buses, boats and trams and free parking.  It includes free admission to most city museums, top attractions and other must see sights for tourists.  With a Goteborg City Card purchase you also receive a book of coupons for savings at selected stores in Goteborg.

For your convenience there is a 24 hour Goteborg City Card, a 48 hour Goteborg City Card, and a 72 hour Goteborg City Card.  There are adult cards and lower priced cards for children. (Up to 17 years of age).  Children under 5 do not need a card. 

Cards may be purchased online or at the Goteborg Tourist offices in Sweden. Click to learn more about benefits of the Goteborg City Card.


Taste of Sweden

Are you wondering where to eat in Goteborg when you pick your new Volvo up at the factory in Sweden? Goteborg has some great restaurants. Here's an article about ten popular Goteborg restaurants and their chefs.


Goteborg a Cultural City Guide

Goteborg, the home town of Volvo is featured in an online version of an article by Lindsey McWhinnie in the travel section of the London Daily Telegraph newspaper. 

The author is impressed with Goteborg's vibrant arts scene and the revamping of its former shipbuilding district.  Her introduction to the many changes to Goteborg begins on a ferry taxi ride down the Gothia river in Sweden's second largest city. The Daily Telegraph "Goteborg Cultural City Guide" story includes several tips on places to eat and things to see and do when you are in Goteborg.

Road Trip Sweden (Part II)

Previously we shared Road Trip Sweden, a video by Lisa Lubin as she travels in West Sweden and Skane. Originally from New Jersey and now living in Chicago, she is a world traveler and blogger.  Lisa shares her global adventures through her company LLWorldTour.com. Her scenic journey began at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center in Goteborg, Sweden. 

Lisa published the second segment of her online story Road Trip Sweden (Part II) Read about the next part of her Swedish adventure and check out the great pictures as Lisa explores Fjallbacka and Weather Islands.  If you missed the first segment of the story be sure to view it by clicking on the video link in the first paragraph this article.


Semla a sweet Swedish tradition

Got a sweet tooth?  Semla, a Scandinavian sweet roll with cream in the middle was originally eaten only on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) as the last festive food before Lent.  However in Sweden, semla has become a traditional dessert every Tuesday between Shrove Tuesday and Easter. Today they are available in shops and bakeries every day from shortly after Christmas until Easter.  It's been said that each Swede consumes on average five bakery-produced semla each year, in addition to all those that are homemade.  If you love to bake and would like to prepare your own semla at home here is a recipe.  However if you want to enjoy your semla in Sweden when you pick up your Volvo at the factory, there is a little bakery shop just around the corner from the official Volvo Overseas Delivery hotel in Goteborg.  They are good!  I can personally vouch for this as I had to try one when visiting Goteborg in March several years ago!  



7 Swedish words that English speakers should not be confused about...

In a humorous blog article, an expatriate in Sweden explains how seven words spelled the same in Swedish and English have extremely different meanings in each language.  Check out the blog for some good laughs and helpful tips about conversations in English and Swedish.


Top Ten Swedish Foods

The Local (Sweden's News in English) asked its readers to share with others on social media sites what they thought was the most delicious Swedish foods of all. 

From Flygande Jacob (an unusual casserole), Olandska Kroppkakor (stuffed potato dumplings), Nettle Soup, Gravlax (raw salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill) and on to Kladdkaka (chocolate mud cake) there's surely a dish that you want to enjoy when you receive your new Volvo in Sweden.  Have a look at the Top 10 delicious Swedish foods.


How to spend two days in Goteborg

Are you spending a couple of days in Goteborg when you receive your new Volvo at the factory? If so then take a look at "How to Spend Two Days in Goteborg" for tips about visiting the home town of Volvo.



Historic Volvo Overseas Delivery Story

There have been times I have been asked by Overseas Delivery customers about driving their new Volvo in Sweden and if an American should be concerned.  Here's a story that helps to explain why they should not worry.

In September 2012 I had a visit from a vintage Volvo Overseas Delivery customer.  Frank and his wife Margaret talked with me about a replacement vehicle for their current Volvo.  In the course of our conversation Frank told me about his journey to the Volvo factory in Goteborg, Sweden for a new Volvo way back in 1967.   He asked me if I knew the historic event that took place in Sweden 45 years ago when he received his Overseas Delivery Volvo.

Well, since that was a few years before I was driving, let alone working with the Volvo Overseas Delivery program...

I said no, I don't know what happened in Sweden then.  Frank told me that when he received his new Volvo at the factory was the same time that Sweden switched from driving on the left hand side of the road to the right hand side of the road. 

Frank began driving his new Volvo in Sweden on Dagen H (Swedish for H day).  Also known as "Hogertrafikomlaggningen" - September  3, 1967 was the day when traffic in Sweden switched from driving on the left-hand side to the right-hand side.  The "H" stands for "Hogertrafik", the Swedish word for "right-hand traffic".  After all, Sweden's Scandinavian neighbors - Denmark, Norway and Finland drove on the right side of the road, most of Europe was on the right side of the road and Swedish cars had left hand steering.

That's right, umm, left...Volvo built their cars with left hand steering for drivers who drove on the left side of the road. 

After four years of preparations at 5 am on September 3, 1967 Sweden made the switch.  No one was run over and cars didn't fall into the rivers.  Overall, it was a great success.



7 countries in 7 days in a new Volvo

Are you a gardener?  Do you like to eat healthy?  Do you like to stretch your dollar?  Perhaps you would enjoy the adventures of blogger Mavis Butterfield.  Mavis strives to feed her family of four on one hundred dollars a month. She posts regularly about her lifestyle on her blog.  Watch a video of Mavis (a long time Volvo owner) as she picks up her new wagon at the Volvo factory in Goteborg, Sweden and goes on an exciting journey of 7 countries in 7 days in her new Volvo.



 Enjoy Goteborg Sweden

So your family is flying to Goteborg to pick up a new Volvo at the factory.  Are you adventurous travelers?Be sure to look at this blog about West Sweden.  In this edition the writer interviews Anton Almqvist about the best sites to see and where to eat, drink and listen to music in the home town of Volvo.  All things that tourists should not miss.  Check out these tips from a Goteborg local.  Why not try some of Anton's slightly different, and very wallet-friendly, suggestions - and experience the real Goteborg?



New Volvo Overseas Delivery Travel Partner

On July 12, 2012 there was fantastic news for Overseas Delivery!  Volvo signed a contract with British Airways (BA) to provide travel to Overseas Delivery Tourist Program customers.  This new service greatly increases the number of flights available with the program and makes flying to pick up a new Volvo even more convenient.  Many customers will now be able to fly direct to Europe without any US domestic connections! British Airways operates direct flights to London from the following US cities:









Las Vegas

Los Angeles


New York





San Diego

San Francisco



Washington DC

Flying to Europe to pick up your new Volvo is now much easier with more options for your vacation plans.  SAS Airlines will continue to provide service for Volvo Overseas Delivery customers from Chicago, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington, DC airports.


Stieg Larsson fans flock to Stockholm

Are you a fan of Stieg Larson? If so you may be interested in David Armstrong's story in the San Francisco Chronicle about readers of Stieg Larsson's novels traveling to Stockholm, the home of their favorite mystery writer. 

In the San Francisco Chronicle photograph on the right, Piamaria Hallberg, a guide for Stockholm's museum, conducts a guided tour of one and a half hours at Montelius on Sodermalm island in Stockholm, for fans of Millenium, the cult trilogy of Swedish author Stieg Larsson.  Read the article and view more photos of Stockholm at this page on SFGate.com the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.


Volvo Museum featured in Car and Driver

Are you thinking about visiting the Volvo Museum in Sweden when you pick up your new car at the factory? Car and Driver magazine put together a great photo album of the museum in celebration of Volvo's 85th anniversary.  The author spent much of his childhood riding in a Volvo 245DL wagon. Read the story and check out the photos in this blog.



Do you bike? 

Do you enjoy bike riding?  If you are going to be in Goteborg during spring or summer why not consider planning a bicycle trip around the city. There's over 600 km (373 miles) of cycling routes.  Goteborg has a very comprehensive bike network that will take you to attractions and islands in and around town.  Since it's hard to fly and take your own bicycle with you tourists can take advantage of Goteborg's bike rental programs. More information about seeing Goteborg on two wheels is here: Biking in Goteborg



Travel to Sweden by non US citizens, non Canadian citizens or non European Union citizens

Non US citizens, non Canadian citizens, or non European Union citizens travelling to Sweden MUST apply in PERSON for a visa at the Swedish Embassy.  Unfortunately if this applies to you there is nothing that can be done by Volvo to avoid this.  For more information online please go to this page at the Swedish Embassy website.


Get online when you visit the Volvo Factory

Do you want to connect to the internet when you are picking up your new Volvo car at the Factory Delivery Center (FDC) in Sweden?  Free Wi-Fi access is now available.  Just ask the receptionist at the FDC for a user name and password to get online with your wireless device while you are at the factory.


Dining in Stockholm

Visiting Stockholm when you pick up your new Volvo?  Looking for a unique dining experience?  Like to push the boundaries?  Want to enjoy a spectacular show full of surprises and humor?  If so check out Frantzen / Lindeberg.  This compact Michelin starred restaurant is in picturesque old town Stockholm and features fresh and local seasonal food.


Visit Stockholm

Are you going to visit Stockholm when picking up your new Volvo at the factory?  If so be sure to look at Visit Stockholm for attractions, news, photos, and tips of great things to see and do in the capital of Sweden.


Road Test

In an edition of Global Traveler magazine overseas delivery programs from several European car companies are reviewed in a story by Ron Bernthal.  However the Volvo program is featured as the author shares his personal experience traveling to Goteborg with a cousin back in 1964 - the early days of overseas delivery - to pick up a new Volvo.  In the article, Eddie and Brigitte Lee (Lawrence Volvo customers) from Colorado Springs, Colorado share thoughts of their trip to Sweden in 2010 to pickup their XC90 at the factory.  Read the story in the online edition of Global Traveler here. 


Watch the Volvo Overseas Delivery video.  Click the arrow on the photo.


Sweden by Steamship

Thinking about going to Stockholm after you pick up your new Volvo in Goteborg?  Rather than drive to the Capitol of Sweden from the hometown of Volvo, many Overseas Delivery customers leave the driving to someone else and take the very fast and efficient X2000 train.  However if you have the time and want see more of the scenic Swedish countryside at a much slower pace you might want to consider traveling by boat.  Yes, you can take a Swedish inland cruise on a charming vintage vessel.  Learn more about this in a UK Daily Mail travel story titled Sweden by Steamship.


36 Hours in Stockholm

Writer Stephen Whitlock chronicles 36 Hours in Stockholm an article published in the online edition of the New York Times.  Click the link and catch a glimpse into living in the captivating capital city of Sweden.


Volvo Overseas Delivery in the News in Sweden

Watch a video of the visit to the factory here.  You will see and hear English and Swedish words.



Swede Dreams - A Winter Wonderland

Goteborg has plenty to offer weekenders from crisp weather to delicious chocolates.  Sweden's second city largest city is well worth a visit, writes Lucy Gillmore after a coffee and chocolate tour of the city.  Read how a winter weekend in Goteborg will leave you utterly refreshed.



The Capital of Scandinavia...

A story in the San Francisco Chronicle explores Stockholm, Sweden.  Learn the 13 reasons to savor this beautiful city.


Sweet on Stockholm...  

Ian Henderson takes his wife back to her Swedish roots.  Read his Telegraph U.K. story Sweet on Stockholm.


Goteborg featured in New York Times...

Goteborg, Sweden is featured in a New York Times travel section article: "Where the World Meets Sweden, and Vice Versa".



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