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Overseas Delivery Sales

Ordering your

new Volvo

  The children of Carlos and Erin in front of their 2016 XC90 after it arrived at their new home on the East Coast.
  Mahalo to this Navy family for their Volvo Military program purchase as they moved to the mainland from Hawaii.

The Volvo Overseas Delivery program is designed to be easy, convenient and enjoyable.  Simply order your new Volvo from William Marks today. Email or call and William will assist you in completing your new Volvo order.  He will help you select the model, color, equipment, options, accessories, delivery date and location.  Copies of your drivers license and passport, a European vehicle registration form, customs import form and a deposit is required.  The process is easy and the order can even be completed via email and over the phone.  Then travel to Europe to take delivery of your new Volvo at one of the many locations throughout Europe.  Regardless of what area of America you live, we can have your car shipped from Europe to a U.S. Volvo retailer near your home.  At some Volvo retailers there may be an extra fee.


Over the past sixty years, thousands of people have "Gone on a Journey for Life" and become Volvo owners. To learn more view the online Volvo Overseas Delivery program brochure.



Then take a few moments to meet people who have traveled to Europe for their new Volvo.  Listen to their stories as you watch them in the Volvo Overseas Delivery program video.



Now look at some of the many photos, notes and cards we have received from people across America who have earned their Volvo wings on a trip of a lifetime in Flyvolvo Journals.



We are sure you will appreciate the flexibility and savings provided by Volvo Overseas Delivery as you travel Europe free of the restraints of scheduled transportation and rental cars in your own Volvo. You'll discover an amazing way to buy a car, as well as a truly unique way to travel around Europe. Take a vacation where the souvenir truly is part of an unforgettable experience and order your new Volvo today.


Go on a Journey for Life 



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