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Volvo Cars Walnut Creek        
Overseas Delivery Sales

  Shipping your Volvo
Molly's new 2016 Volvo XC70 wagon on a ferry crossing a fjord in Sweden.
So when are you crossing the Atlantic Ocean to receive your new Volvo?

The Volvo Overseas Delivery Program makes bringing a car back from Europe quick and easy.  All you have to do is contact one of the official drop-off locations in Europe, make an appointment, drive your Volvo to the location on a week day and present the Volvo Home Shipment voucher (plus any other required documents).  Your Volvo is then shipped to the U.S.

The Volvo Home Shipment Program handles most of the charges.  In fact, shipping is included with your purchase as long as it happens within 6 months of pickup in Europe.  You only pay to transport your Volvo from one of the official drop-off locations in Europe to the loading port.  Or you can use the services from Goteborg, Sweden and pay no extra fees.  

Click to view the Volvo Home Shipment brochure.

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