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Delivery Center Locations

Larry and Teri with their new V60 wagon at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center in Sweden.

You can pick up your new Volvo at one of the delivery centers located throughout Europe.  Cars picked up at the Volvo Factory Delivery center in Goteborg are free of additional delivery charges ***.  However vehicles received at one of the other official Volvo delivery center locations in Europe incur the following costs:

Volvo Delivery Centers and Charges (US dollars $)**
Location Fee
Goteborg, Sweden FREE***
Berlin, Germany $1,140
Berne, Switzerland * $1,255
Bishops Storford, England $950
Brussels, Belgium $950
Copenhagen, Denmark $995
Geneva, Switzerland $1,255
Hague, Netherlands $980
Helsinki, Finland $1,230
Lisbon, Portugal $1,080
Paris, France $1,185
Stockholm, Sweden $950
Vienna, Austria $1,260

* Only for Diplomats

** The charges are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.  These fees are valid as of July 11, 2016.

*** Note: Because of a new Congestion Charge from the city of Goteborg as of January 11, 2013 there is a $50 fee with a delivery in Goteborg if you are going to drive your Tourist program car in Goteborg.  If your delivery is in Goteborg and you do not want to drive your new Volvo when you receive it at the factory this fee will not be included on your Volvo Overseas Delivery Tourist program order.

Click to view a map of the Delivery Center Locations in Europe.

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