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Volvo Overseas Delivery - Lawrence Volvo

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Kristopher and Tina from Michigan with their new V60 at the Factory Delivery Center in Sweden. 
                            So when are you flying over to receive your new Volvo?
Select the smart souvenir of your dream vacation today.  It's time...to start planning your trip!

Once you're driving your Volvo on the roads of Europe, you'll soon discover why "it drives as well as it looks".  

At this time only the 2016 Volvo XC90 model hss final specifications and prices listed below.  PROVISIONAL pricing is in effect and listed for the 2016 Volvo S60, S80, V60, V60 Cross Country, XC60 and XC70 models until final Model Year 2016 Overseas Delivery prices are released.  When the 2016 Volvo brochures are released they will be posted here.

2016 Volvo S60 - U.S. Specs & Factory Delivery PROVISIONAL Prices
Available in four versions - T5 FWD, T5 AWD, T6 FWD and T6 R-Design AWD - Which high tech model is the one for you? Experience uncompromising quality and sportiness elevated to new levels with a Polestar winning racing team inspiration. Once you decide which one... start the journey with your new Volvo S60 via Overseas Delivery and send an email today.

2016 Volvo S80 - U.S. Specs & Factory Delivery PROVISIONAL Prices
Built for the unwritten road. Combine an ultra-quiet cabin with the S80's luxurious interior and innovative safety features including "City Safety" and you'll find that it's the perfect way to travel highways anywhere in style, comfort and security. Ready for a road trip?  Write the first chapter of your Volvo S80 Overseas Delivery story with the sending of an email today.


2016 Volvo V60 - U.S. Specs & Factory Delivery PROVISIONAL Prices
The best of all worlds. The Volvo Sportswagon is back! All at once giving you the versatility of added space and a zest for driving.  The V60 is a jack-of-all-trades and the newest Volvo model for America.  Fly to Sweden and receive yours at the factory! Before you board the airplane --- tell us how to build
your custom ordered Volvo V60 by sending an email today.


2016 Volvo V60 CC - U.S. Specs & Factory Delivery PROVISIONAL Prices
Carve your own path. The V60 Cross Country (CC) is for the explorers; the adventurers.  It's for the ones that long to go where others haven't. Geared for adventure. The combination of a dynamic driving experience and all-weather capability in a rugged luxury vehicle will empower you whenever the spirit of adventure calls.
Start your travel plans with an email today.


2016 Volvo XC60 - U.S. Specs & Factory Delivery PROVISIONAL Prices
The ultimate crossover. Rugged muscularity combined elegantly with the sexy flowing lines of a sporty coupe. Ride with comfort, confidence and convenience in your XC60 protected by "City Safety" included as standard equipment. TTell your friends and then start the "Journey of a Lifetime" with your new Overseas Delivery Volvo XC60 and send us an email today.


2016 Volvo XC70 -
U.S. Specs & Factory Delivery PROVISIONAL Prices
Capabilities beyond the conventional. The smart and versatile functions of the Volvo XC70 give you the freedom to act spontaneously. A durable interior, more space for cargo, and better comfort. Just slip into the stylish XC70 and relax.  Are you ready to get going? Take the first step towards your new Volvo XC70 via Overseas Delivery and send an email today.


2016 Volvo XC90 - U.S. Specifications & Factory Delivery Prices
The all-new XC90 is the summit of everything we've learned about luxury car making in Volvo's 88 years. Close the doors of your first class cabin, breathe its carefully filtered, clean air and the stresses of the day fade into the background. The uniquely intuitive Volvo driving experience - plus Volvo's legendary safety - means you reach your destination unruffled and calm. To go on a European vacation with your very own custom ordered all-new 2016 Volvo XC90 send your email today.

                                                                               2016 Volvo XC90 Overseas Delivery Accessories - Catalog and Prices

Overseas Delivery Accessories -
Catalog and Prices
Would you like to add a few things to your Volvo? Why not personalize your new ride!  Do you want to protect your car's carpet with rubber floor mats? How about some load bars? Perhaps you would like a trailer hitch for your new XC60 or XC70. Click the link above to review and pick accessory items that you want included with your Volvo Overseas Delivery car order.


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